TZ Entry Level Firewall Series

The TZ Entry Level Firewall Series comes highly recommended for home networks, small offices that have up to 50 users and branch offices that support VPN capabilities. You get a variety of options in the TZ series – it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. If, for example, you only need the unit for home use you can buy a unit that supports 5 gigabit ports but if you need one for office use you can invest in one that has 8 or 10 gigabit ports.
You will find that there are several vendors of these units in Cambridge. It is important to evaluate vendors carefully. Many of them are keen to sell you the unit but that is all you will get from them. They will leave you to figure out how to get it installed as well as sort out any problems that you will encounter along the way. Some even sell second hand units. While these may be a great way to save money you ought to find out of there is anything wrong with the unit before you buy it.
So who is the ideal vendor for the TZ Entry Level Firewall Series? You should be looking for one who has been in the market a long time. It is proof that they sell security systems that work. You may find them online, but it is never a god idea to buy before you visit their offices to see what kind of setup they have and the different types of security systems they have on offer. Buying online may seem like a good way to go but remember if you have any problems and you don’t know where to find the vendor you will have thrown your money away.
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