Managed Service Provider

How can you get the right IT managed services provider for your Cambridge business? In the past IT companies focussed on designing systems and networks, doing website design and maintenance and providing SEO support. Today, many realize that in order to deliver more value to their clients they have to change their approach, hence the emergence of managed services. IT agencies now come in and manage every aspect of IT and they are only paid for the services that they are able to provide.
Finding the right company to deliver managed IT services requires some diligence and skill on your part. If you hire the first company that you come across you will have a problem – you have no way of knowing whether they can deliver what they say they can. Once you come up with a shortlist of companies that you plan to interview you should ask them to provide references. They should have worked with businesses that face similar challenges to yours.
One common mistake that business owners make when it comes to hiring managed IT services providers is hiring big agencies – they are more likely to deliver than the smaller ones, right? While it is true that many big IT agencies live up to their name you should be aware that not all of do what they promise especially when it comes to small businesses. You may find that a small company is much better able to focus on your account because they don’t have that many clients. They are also likely to charge you less because they are still growing. When you are hiring you ought to look at ability rather than the size of the IT agency.
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