Glass Door Price

Your office renovations include installing glass doors because you see their value – they are long lasting, they require very little maintenance and they don’t break. What you are not sure about is how much they will cost you. The fact is, because glass doors come with so many benefits they tend to cost more than wood doors. You have to keep in mind that wooden doors can be made out of different kinds of wood and they are priced differently. If, for example, you choose oak doors you may find that they cost more than glass doors but if you choose doors made out of a soft wood they will be cheaper than fibreglass doors.
The cost of doors during your renovation will depend on how many doors you need to have installed and what kind of glass design you choose. The size of the doors also matters – if you want sliding doors they will cost more than ordinary ones. The best thing to do, if you want to get a proper estimate, is t bring in a glass door expert and let them see the installations that you plan to do. Hey will show you various door designs and once you have chosen the ones you like best the expert can them come up with an accurate that you can use to come up with a budget. Allow about 10% contingency in your budget to make up for any breakages that may be incurred during installation.
The important thing to keep in mind when you are comparing glass doors to other kinds of doors is that although they cost more, they last for so long that you will recover your outlay and then some. Unlike wood doors you will not spend any money on maintenance.
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