Salami Making Classes

Salami is one of those Italian delicacies that most of us wish we could learn how to make at home – we really enjoy it but it is expensive and we cannot buy it as often as we like. The good news if you are planning to visit Italy any time soon you can learn how to make your own salami at home. Italy was once famous for its art and rich history, but today tourist attractions have gone on to include local cuisine. You will not just enjoy indulging yourself in the best Italian foods; you can learn how to make them too, including salami.
Some of the best salami in Italy comes from the areas of Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Parma so as you plan your trip you should make sure to set aside a few days to spend in one or all of these areas. Your course will be taught by the finest artisans. Italian salami preparation is handed down in families, so you will be visiting pork butchers in the area. You will observe them at work after which you will learn the theoretical and then practical aspects of the course. You will be provided with all ingredients and taken through the step by step process of making salami. The class sizes are small so you will be able to learn directly from the experts themselves.
One of the best companies to get you into a salami making class is Sapori-e-Saperi. They have been organizing tips to various areas of Italy for many years, and they provide the opportunity for their clients to learn how to make salami, gelato and even go truffle hunting. All you need to do is let them know when you plan to go to Italy and they will do the rest. You can find out how to book your trip on