Qualities to Consider When Shopping for Acoustic Tape

Acoustic tape is a type of adhesive tape that is used to soundproof a room or object. It can be used to muffle sound or to create an airtight seal. There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for acoustic tape, including the type of material, the thickness, and the adhesive strength. The qualities you should look for will depend on the application that you have in mind.

Acoustic tape is typically made from either a foil or fiberglass composite, and it is coated with adhesive. Some kinds of acoustic tape come with noise-reducing properties already built in to the product. The most common types of this kind of material are mass-loaded vinyl or MLV. Another common type of acoustic tape is made from a fiberglass mesh that has been coated with adhesive on both sides. Fiberglass mesh is very thin and flexible, making it easy to apply to different surfaces.

Other Qualities of Acoustic Tapes


If you are looking for acoustic tape to use on an object, then you will want to find a product that is not too thin. Thicker tapes are more durable and they reduce sound better than thinner tapes. You will need thicker tape if you are using your tape on larger objects or on surfaces with high traffic.

Thickness also matters if you are looking to use your tape as a soundproofing agent. Thicker products provide better insulation and reduce noise more effectively than thinner products. The thicker the product, however, the harder it will be to work with because of its density.

Adhesive Strength

The strength of the adhesive can make a big difference when you are trying to use the tape as an insulation agent. If the adhesive is too strong, it can be difficult to remove if you no longer need your tape in that location. Look for tapes with medium-strength adhesives because they provide enough staying power yet come off easily when needed.


Foil tapes and fiberglass mesh tapes are the most common types of acoustic tapes. You can also use adhesive-backed felt or carpet as an alternative, especially if you need to deaden sound in a large area.

Oftentimes, when shopping for acoustic tape, you will find several different products that have the same thickness but vary in price. This is because the more expensive products are made with better materials, which results in a higher sound insulation rating. You can sometimes trim less expensive products to fit your application if you don’t mind reducing their effectiveness.


When shopping for acoustic tape, you will find that prices vary widely depending on the product and where it is sold. Mass-loaded vinyl products are typically more expensive than fiberglass mesh tapes, but they also deliver better results. You can expect to pay between $5 and $30 per linear foot (1/3 meter) of mass-loaded vinyl tape. Mesh fiberglass tapes cost between $3 and $8 per linear foot. Carpet tape costs between $2 and $4 per linear foot, while felt tapes run about the same price as mesh fiberglass tapes.

When shopping for acoustic tape, consider the material, thickness, adhesive strength, and price. You can use thicker products to deaden sound or make an airtight seal between two surfaces. Thicker tapes also provide better insulation than thinner tapes of the same type of material.