How to monitor your breathing


Every day, new technological inventions are created for all types of applications. The same is true for monitoring equipment. Not long ago, the only monitoring device was a conventional analog monitor, which allows you to hear the sound of the baby as it cries. These have their disadvantages-interference is the biggest disadvantage. Subsequently, digital monitors appeared and provided a series of functions along with the digital monitors. The breathing monitor can not only listen to audio, but now also can listen to video, used as a night light, pacifier, and even has an intercom function, so that even those who are not around can rest assured for the baby. But it is not limited to this, innovation continues.

If you expect or know someone, you expect to make good use of this purchase and it is worth the money. At the time of purchase, you should ensure that you get a really good breath monitor. Three things you should pay attention to can tell you that you are making a wise choice:

It is certainly good to take various safety measures, first aid measures and other classes, but if you do not know when to perform these procedures, it is meaningless. Buying a breathing monitor will give you peace of mind, knowing that if your needs you, you will receive an alert, and then be able to provide them with the first-aid lifesaving measures they need when they provide better professional assistance. These monitors save lives and are worth buying-by adding one of them to your shopping list, you can protect your and give yourself peace of mind.

Since newborns may sleep up to 16 hours a day, it is important to monitor your children’s sleep to ensure their safety and harmlessness. However, you may be physically required to constantly check you’re during daily activities.

There are usually 3 types of monitors on the market, namely audio monitor (sound), video monitor (line of sight) and motion sensor monitor (motion). The latest monitor BREATH sports monitor on the market.

When you are lying on the mat, the respiratory motion monitor can detect the respiratory motion count. It is non-invasive to the baby, because there is nothing on the baby, so the mat can be connected to the superior control unit without any rope. The mat and superior control unit is also powered by batteries. Therefore, the safety risks to the baby are minimized.

The breathing movement count is displayed on the superior control unit and help you on how to monitor your breathing. The number displayed on the superior control unit indicates the number of breaths per minute the baby breathes. Healthy normal infants have respiratory activity counts between 30-60 per minute.

Fiber optic technology is used as a sensing medium in the mat to detect small movements that do not emit any electrical energy. This is an important function that parents should pay attention to when purchasing newborn baby products.

In addition to providing you with constantly updated baby breathing movement counts (displayed on the superior control unit), this pad can also remind you when your baby breathes faster or slower when you are dealing with daily chores. Parents/caregivers will know when the baby is awake or when it rolls off the mat.