Can Excel Heat Map Add In Help Locate a Testing Site?

When you are feeling the symptoms of the virus, there is no time to waste as you should be on your way to a testing site in order to find out if you have it or not. The best way to find a testing site would be to use Excel heat map add in so that it won’t be long before you find one and it is right there in front of you. We all know how painful the test is but we really have no choice as it is the only way to find out if you have the virus or not. If you don’t then that would be good news but if you do then you would have no other choice but to quarantine yourself at home for at least two weeks. This is their way of protecting all the other people in the yard so that nobody else gets the virus. It is actually a great way of doing it so that you know that you would not be hurting other people. If you do test positive and you are not really feeling any symptoms then you must be responsible in not going out of the house anymore. If you do go out and other people get the virus from you then they won’t be so lucky. While you can afford the luxury of a private hospital the same can’t be said about other people.

Before using the Excel heat map add in to locate a COVID testing site then you must already pack your face mask as that is mandatory these days. It is such a shame that the pandemic has shown no signs of slowing down as we all have no other choice but to stay at home and wait for the vaccines to arrive. Even if they do arrive, we don’t really know where they are going to go to so we can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Just when you think only 2% will die from the virus out of the many people that will get sick from it. However, you must consider the amount you pay at the hospital if ever you do get confined as that would be a lot. You need to take into account all the medicine you will need to take and the number of days you will spend there as that figures to be a lot. Add that to the fact that you never know when you are going to get out since the hospital would need to make sure that you test for the virus negative at least twice. The doctor will most likely feel safe to discharge any patient by that time so it would feel great for your loved ones to finally be around you. When they can’t do that, they will feel a bit worried about it all as they will feel a bit helpless when they can’t really do anything about the entire ordeal around the area.

Prodata weather stations for your demand

Have you used a weather station for personal or professional purposes? If so, what is your feedback about the station that you used? Are you looking for an excellent weather station purchase in your city? If yes, your desire is fulfilled by the prodata weather stations online shop. The shop sells Davis weather stations for so many years with all quality features. The online shop sells exemplary weather stations to the customers who demand online and offline. The staff of the online shop clears doubts of the customers over the phone, or email regarding weather stations’ use, technical features, and support.

Automatic weather stations for the customers

The online store of professional automatic weather stations shop sells different varieties of Davis stations to the customers. You can get the desirable model from the store as per your comfort and requirement. You can request the store people to install the station in your places. The technicians would help you with any technical issues that you encounter with the weather stations. Many professionals from various fields like Agriculture, education, constriction, green energy, sports, clubs, environment, beginners, and live web data are utilizing the features of Davis weather stations to the core. The advanced technology and updated features of the online stores make customers comfortable.

Different models and types for all customers

If you need to buy wireless and cable models of weather stations, pro datastore is the fine place. The competitive price of the weather station models attracts many customers to purchase it without a second thought. Some of the popular products found in the store are Davis instruments 6250 vantages, Davis vantage Vue, Davis vantage pro 2, Davis enviromonitor, specialist accessories, Davis vantage connect, data loggers and software, Davis air link, etc., These products are available in different ranges and types for the requirement of the customers.

Online shop fulfills the demand

The online store of pro data shop is a leading supplier in the UK for many years. The shop is a specialized store for Davis products to cope with the expectations of the customers. The unique feature of the store is its service guarantee and product warranty features. A customer can contact the staff of the customer after-sales for any technical issues. The technicians at the store explain all the details in simple English to the customers. T

Contact the customer for your query

You can contact the shop for your purchase or technical advice over the phone 0333 666 4175. The expertise and committed technicians of the shop deliver quality service to the customers. The customers who visit the store can get details about the latest offers available in the store. The latest updates and offers are informed to the customers clearly by the customer. A customer can get details of the shop online also. The website of the store is constantly updated for informing the customers about any new product available. Indeed, the customers can feel free to contact the shop professionals at any time for clarification about Davis weather stations.

Some Benefits of Portbale Generators

Portable generators are beneficial in many situations. First, for people living in prone power outage areas, a portable Honda generator comes in handy. It works well as a backup whenever there is a power outage. These portable generators are also fantastic when it comes to camping and other outdoor activities. For example, if you are taking a three-day road trip on your RV, then a portable generator comes in handy. These generators are not very expensive. For example, Honda generator eu20i best price ranges from $600 to $750 depending on where you are buying.


There are numerous benefits of portable generators and hence the reason they are popular. Besides coming in handy during power outages and easy to move around with, there are also some more benefits:

Efficient Power Backup

There are several power backup systems you can have in your home or office. For example, when you need extra power backup to save some files or finish some tasks on your computer, a UPS works well. However, if you need a power backup that can power all your home appliances when power fails, you should consider a Honda generator. A generator can power everything in your house, depending on its load size. Therefore, as you shop for a generator, be sure to check the wattage or load capacity. The Honda generator eu20i best price is affordable and can power most of your home power needs.


What makes these generators popular is that they are very portable. You can move them around with ease and have them exactly when you need a power source. The flexibility feature increases its usability as you can have a power supply where your main grind power outlet cannot reach. However, as you consider moving round with your portable generator, keep in mind that not all are suitable for outdoor use. Check the manufacturer’s instruction. You will find that some need shade and no direct sunlight for safety reasons.

Best for outdoor activities

We all love having fun outdoors. Whether it is camping or taking a road trip with friends and family, you will need a power source to power your devices and jump-start your vehicle if the battery fails. In such cases, you can never go wrong with a portable generator. It is there for your convenience to ensure all your devices stay connected and that you have sufficient lighting in case need be. These generators can power AC units to ensure that you keep warm or cold as you take your road trip or go camping.

Easy to use

Unlike other types of generator that are complex to use and operate, a portable generator is easy to start and use. You need not follow complicated steps to get the generator running. Two or three steps, and you already have ready power. Besides ease of use, these generators use little fuel, meaning you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars in gas.

If you are shopping for a portable generator, you should consider Honda generators. These are very affordable and efficient. For instance, Honda generator eu20i best price is around $650. With this portable generator, you will get value for your money as it provides sufficient power and will stand the test of time. Also, the generator is very efficient.

Why is it important to be precise


Precision metal stamping is the process of manufacturing three-dimensional metal parts, cards and other blankets. It is a kind of metal stamping used mainly for decorative purposes. It is similar to conventional metal stamping, which is a process of forming metals in various shapes and sizes.

Products made by metal pressing are used as components in some larger products in other industries. The most common metals and alloys used for precision metal extrusion are copper, aluminum, brass, beryllium, nickel, silver nickel, steel, stainless steel, phosphorus bronze and titanium.

Precision metal stamping is applicable in many industries such as computers, electronics, electrical, dental, aerospace, instrumentation, military specifications, defense, telecommunications and automotive. There are many methods to produce precise metal stamping prototypes. Blanking is one such method. Creating a white space involves creating a flat state of the component. Then a blank flat sheet is used to create the component details. There are many processes for empty creation such as grinding, chemical etching, water jet cutting, EDM wire, bumps and dies. EDM wire, bumps and dies.

There are also many methods to produce precision stamped prototypes. The type of method used depends on the size and complexity of the parts being manufactured as well as the number of prototypes. One-piece transfer is one such method where the individual pieces are moved from one station to another to clean and form the metal.

The main advantage of this method is profitability. A standard system for the design, manufacture and fastening of inserts can be maintained. However, this system is slow because it requires separate parts of the prototype. The second method is step-by-step prototyping of the strip, which involves the automatic transfer of metal from one stage to another.

The main advantage of this method is profitability. A standard system for the design, manufacture and fastening of inserts can be maintained. However, this system is slow because it requires separate parts of the prototype. The second method is step-by-step prototyping of the strip, which involves the automatic transfer of metal from one stage to another.

Precision metal stamping can be performed at very high speeds and up to 1200 rpm. Precise metal stamping offers several advantages, such as the ability to use any metal or the creation of alloys and parts with very precise dimensions and shapes. Galvanization can also be very accurate and useful when working with precious metals such as gold and palladium.

The Perks Of Using A Wireless Outdoor Weather Station

Whether for casual or practical use, weather stations are a helpful way to keep track of the temperature and make plans around the predicted weather. In this current day and age, a wireless outdoor weather station is often your best choice.

If you live in an area with good reception, wireless weather stations are more innovative than cabled stations.

Primary Benefits

Wireless outdoor weather stations are not only easy to set up, they are also highly portable. Moving a wireless console from one location to another is a simple task without the hassle of installation or hooking up cables.

A much larger range of sensor options tend to be available on wireless weather stations than on cabled stations. Sensors not only pick up the general temperature, but also other related characteristics including flow, pressure, and humidity. These myriad options include helpful details such as leaf and soil moisture, soil temperature, water level, and several more. As technology continues its rapid advance, more sensors will likely be added to wireless consoles in the near future.

Wireless stations are relatively easy to connect to the internet on a PC or to a smartphone app. Computers such as laptops or desktops enable you to view an extensive analysis of the weather information your outdoor sensors pick up. Past data from previous days and weeks can also be stored away for future access.

The option to upload your weather data to a website can be a useful way to share local weather information with others or simply as an extra backup for personal use.

An added benefit of a wireless outdoor station is the ability to attach more than one console to the same transmitter.

Requirements For A Wireless Outdoor Weather Station

Wireless stations may be one of the most innovative weather-measuring devices on the market, but it is still important to take into account the requirements and potential obstacles.

The more physical barriers that are between the console and the transmitter, the more likely it is for the signal to be interrupted. The radio waves travel a linear route from the sensors to the console and may, for example, be obstructed by too many thick walls.

It is important to keep the console and transmitter in range of each other with the least amount of obstacles between them. For instance, setting up your receiver and transmitter so that the signal travels through a wall corner instead of the side of the wall will give a good boost in reception.

Cheaper prices are not always the better option in the case of complex systems like weather stations. Higher priced wireless outdoor weather stations tend to be more reliable and worth the overall cost in comparison to cheap consoles.

If you live in an area with good reception and few physical obstructions, a wireless outdoor weather station is your best choice. Whether you keep track of the weather for personal interest or as a business necessity, technology offers many innovative weather stations to suit your individual needs.

Davis Vue – Automatic and Professional Weather Station

A weather station can measure all kinds of threats and save you from any kinds of disasters. The best weather station can record all kinds of upcoming information and aware people about that. Davis Vue offers the best reading irrespective of indoor and outdoor. These weather stations can be easily installed and very user-friendly as well. They can produce with the automatic and professional weather stations that are made for measuring several metrological parameters. These weather stations are extremely used in severe weather conditions.

Know what is coming:

These professional weather stations can inform you of all necessary information about the climate. You can analyse the wind speed, humidity and temperature as well. You can also protect yourself and your family from the upcoming danger. The automatic weather station can give you the accurate readings and you do not need to rely on the readings of your nearest and local weather stations.

The live weather condition:

The best weather station can provide you with the live weather condition. You can always aware of the current weather and you can stay safe along with your family. You can plan the whole day as per the condition of the weather. Davis Vue can offer you so many features. It is a trustworthy brand in the market. This can stand still in all kinds of miserable conditions. They can produce wireless weather stations as well.

Features of this weather station:

There are so many features of this brand. The weather station of this particular brand can provide you with so many features. These are such as follows:

The wireless weather station can provide you with accurate readings and information.After setting up the machine, you can see the reports within one minute.Data sharing option is also available.You can also add some more features if you want. You can also enjoy the extended capabilities with this brand weather station.

How a weather station helps you?

A weather station can add value to create your smart home. A smart weather station can add more senses to your house. The basic system of the weather station can typically tell you the accurate readings of wind, temperature and humidity as well. This system also measures the amounts of rainfall.

With the UV lights and radiation sensor can measure how bright the sun is shining.

The smart weather station can easily forecast your local temperature and provide you with an accurate forecast as well. The wild temperature can put you and your house in danger. But the best weather station can automatically push you and aware you with enough alerts.

The intelligent weather station does not need the outside gadget or remote in order to control it. It can set the features automatically and give you enough benefits as well.

Now you can notice that you do not need to depend on the local and nearest weather stations. You can now buy it for your home. You can protect your home from the upcoming danger. You can easily get accurate readings and real-time data as well.

Weather station data logger – for accurate meteorological assessment.

When the meteorologist reads the local forecast, it is because of his/her accurate assessment of the data logging factors. Besides, water levels, depths, and flow can be measured this way. If you have ever read the newspaper and see a listing for how many people traveled on a particular highway over the weekend, perhaps you wonder how that assessment was made. Did someone stand outside and count each car or truck that passed by? Well, no, but a computer did. Road traffic counting is another example of data logging.

data logger is defined as a computerized electronic device that records data over a predetermined amount of time. Depending on the job, some data loggers are small, while larger machines are used for more extensive research. These units acquire data according to the programming and store it into memory or a storage unit. This memory can be set to accommodate days, weeks, or even months without ever having human intervention. Modern data loggers use a battery to promote storage in the memory of the unit. Older models use paper or disks, but technology has all but rendered these earlier models extinct.

Data loggers are so accurate that, in addition to recording detailed information, they often provide a time and date indicator to ensure that all of the recorded data can be broken down and associated with a specific date and time for informational research purposes. This is possible because of their built-in clocks, which quickly provide an accurate reading.

From the simplest of the device to a sophisticated unit, data loggers offer a wide range of flexibility for nearly any data retrieval job. The more simple methods are, as expected, more comfortable to read. The sophisticated the unit is, the more work is done. Some of the most modern data loggers offer website capabilities, which allow individuals to surf onto a website and monitor the tracking system. This works well for users who enjoy real-time information, including weather data, webcams, etc.

During harsh weather conditions, troublesome water levels, or other concerns, a data logger can be linked to devices, including modems, cell phones, or satellites. This capability can keep individuals updated on the status of weather conditions, but also alert them if immediate attention is required. If you ever notice a weather warning interrupt a radio station or television broadcast, that information is coming from a data logger that is responsible for monitoring weather conditions. The information is then relayed to the meteorologist, who gets the information out to the public.

As individuals, it is challenging to realize the complex nature of data loggers and their responsibilities. But, without them, we would indeed become aware of their absence. Data loggers come in both small as well as large sizes. Moreover, you will find this device in various price ranges, so depending upon your usage and budget, you can choose your data logger. If you are looking for cheap data loggers, then you can opt for the single-channel loggers, but if budget is not a constraint for you, then you can choose for the multitude of data loggers.

How to Find Out the Difference Between Etching and Engraving

You can’t blame yourself if you don’t know the difference between etching and engraving. After all, the two processes look too similar. The truth is they are both pretty far from each other. In fact, you can ask other people and they would also think the two processes are the same. Anyway, they are pretty far from each other and that is never a good thing for those people who thought they are the same. Both are done on surfaces though but then again there are a lot of processes done on surfaces. Come to think of it, you can name a few right from the top of your head. To know the difference, you can simply search it on Google. There will definitely be answers on one of the Google questions. If you don’t see the answer there, then there must be something wrong with your server. It should be there and it should not be hard to spot. In fact, it should not take you too long to know the difference. The only thing that will stop you is the Internet connection. You must know that this is not one of those things that will be give to you on a silver platter. When you don’t understand some terms, look them up in the dictionary. You can also ask someone who has been in the etching and engraving industry for a long time and they will tell you the difference. Of course, that is for people who are not fond of searching for things on the Internet. Yes, there are people who would rather know the difference from other people. You can’t blame them for doing so because that would be faster. It would also be sweet to know it from people who are pretty good with what they do.

The first difference between the two words is obviously the spelling. You would not want that to happen when you would end up laughing at yourself. It is an old joke but you should not mention that when the topic is suddenly serious. You would want to know the difference eventually when you want to do some engraving. It would not take you long to do so because it is a piece of cake for most professionals. You must not ask the opinion of someone who does not really know anything in the industry though. You must ask someone who knows what he is doing. If you get the wrong answer then you really don’t learn anything. That is never good in any industry as it would be great to learn something new each day. The smell won’t let you see the difference between the two. They pretty much give off the same smell and you won’t need to distinguish that. Besides, it would be better to look in the dictionary and find both words. You may even learn a few more words when you see the words that are near both words in the dictionary which is normal.

3 Best Ways to Choose the Best Photo Etching Service

To get the best photo etching service, you need to know what it is and how it works. To just quickly summarize: Photo etching is a very tightly controlled and precise corrosion process that is used to process metal components, even the most complex ones, with extremely fine detail. The photo etching is also known as metal etching or chemical etching. Photo etching services are gaining popularity fast because it is a cost effective process used commonly as an alternative to water jet and laser cutting, punching and stamping. There are few factors that make a photo etching service the best one. Let us find out.

Reputation of producing complex designs

One of the primary advantages of photo etching is that it can produce complex designs. However, when you compare various services with their best designs, you will know the expertise and the ability to produce complex and beautiful designs, which comes with skills. It’s always a smart idea to go for chemically etched parts because they are usually free of mechanical stress and burrs and are generally free of contaminants and pristinely clean. A good photo etching service will make sure that the raw materials are cleaned thoroughly before imaging – After stripping, after etching and before as well as after every metal finishing process. A good service will take care of all these requisites and these help in producing complex designs.

Fast, flexible, and time-efficient

Right from the initial tooling process to delivering the finished parts – the entire cycle of photo etching should be completed in 10 days. However, a good photo etching service will complete it before or in a week. Considering a general backlog, the expected lead times for the new parts are ideally three to four weeks. In most cases, the repeat orders are processed pretty quickly, especially when the raw materials are available in stock and the prototype orders are done in 2 weeks. A good photo etching service will take minimal extra time in accommodating secondary operations like forming, heat-treating, plating, assembly, addition of the surface components, or the silk screening.

Material Properties Unaltered

A good Photo etching process will impart no thermal or mechanical stresses on the metal substrates. At the same time, while punching, stamping, and deformation of die-cutting impart shearing as well as water-jet and laser may leave behind ablative deformation, the process of a good photo etching can dissolve the unneeded metal, which will leave a burr-free and flat part. When you see that the material properties are not being altered, you can safely consider the photo etching service as a good one!


Choosing the best photo etching service for you won’t be too difficult if you understand what it is and if it satisfies the three mentioned factors. These factors will help you in identifying and differentiating phot etching services. Further, these will also help you in having a better understanding of the entire process. An expert etching service can etch, chemically, various kinds of metal, which will also include specialty materials such as soft magnetic alloys, molybdenum, metal-clad ceramics, and many more.

Different Types of Respiratory Rate Monitors

Over the years in the field of medical science, researchers have found out that Respiratory Rate is the most vital and yet most neglected sign. It is measured inaccurately and often overlooked while assessing a person’s health. Respiratory rate should be accurately measured and clearly documented. With advancing technology, many companies have come up with respiratory rate monitors and other vital sign monitoring systems. In this article, we will tell you about Equivital- one of the most trusted brands in this field.

About Equivital:

Equivital develops products that focus on encouraging and instilling the importance of good health among people. The products designed by Equivital are professional, easily wearable and high tech. Due to these factors, the products are very precise and accurate. Equivital offers a range of products- Training and Research (TnR), Black Ghost and Orann.

Training and Research (TnR)

The TnR range includes a wide range of accessories. Some of them are Core Temperature Capsules, Dermal patches, Bluetooth blood pressure cuffs and oxygen saturation monitors.

Black Ghost

Black Ghost provides real-time situational awareness during a military training. It uses data sent from the body worn sensors to provide live information for critical decision making. The information provided by it includes geo-location, geo-fencing and safety alerts and alarms from soldiers within the training environment.


Orann systems capture, collate and report from various datasets that include continuous physiological activities, respiratory endpoints, sleep and activity, glucose monitoring, etcetera. These systems provide safety along with effectiveness throughout the research and development processes.

EQ02 LifeMonitor

The EQ02 LifeMonitor is the flagship product of Equivital. It is a body worn sensor that helps in sensing, recording, monitoring and intelligently processing the data captured from the user and transmits this data over a wireless/wired interface. This data can be viewed in real time in any eqView software suite application. This application is compatible with android and RIM operating systems.

LifeMonitor is a multi-parameter device that monitors the ECG and Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Skin temperature and Body temperature simultaneously. It also has special features like motion status, fall alert and accelerometer.

What makes LifeMonitor unique from other Respiratory Rate Monitors in the market are some of its salient features:

The data collected from the external sensory channels are of high quality and there are negligible chances of data lossThe monitor is developed for a long wear comfort and is extremely light weightHas a battery life of up to 48 hoursHas a memory of 8GB that supports up to 7 weeks of data logging

LifeMonitor is used in professional military organisations, human performance training and research and safety critical applications. These devices are customizable for integration with command and control systems. The easy setup enables the users to get started without much effort and the data precision boosts their confidence.

Equivital has a global user base and its partner network is growing rapidly. The products are designed to have a positive impact on the lives of so many people across the globe. The products are available directly on their website and can also be purchased from the network of distributors across 20 countries.

We hope that this article gave you an insight into the functioning and uses of respiratory rate monitor.