British Boarding Schools

For many years you have been told that British boarding schools are the best and now that your child is of age you are wondering whether you should enroll them in one. It is true that British boarding schools are better than boarding schools in other parts of the world. Many children who attend these boarding schools go on to have successful careers. Here are a few reasons why enrolling your child in a British boarding school is a good idea:
•    They are almost assured of a place in a good university. The reason why British boarding schools are considered the best is because they have such a high pass rate. They invest in excellent, highly trained faculty and most of the students who attend these schools go on to join some of the best universities in the world.
•    Your child will be exposed to traditional British values and tradition which will do them much good when they get out in the world. Most of these schools have very long histories – sometimes centuries long – and they are careful to ensure that all students who pass through their doors are steeped in the best traditions. Your child will be able to hold their own once they are out in the world.
•    These schools are also well known for instilling confidence in children. They have teachers who are properly trained to help students mature into confident and self reliant adults.
•    Your child will get the training they need to survive in university. If your child has lived in a sheltered home environment all their lives and then they go to university it may take them time to adjust and they may end up struggling. A British boarding school is a great way to prepare them for a life away from home among other learners.
Try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth form Studies – it is one of the best British Boarding Schools. You can find out more on