Ways to Use Lining Tape

If you think you might get messy with your stationery, you might want to try putting a label on it before you start using it. Label your boxes with their contents, and avoid a potential mess. This is a great idea for basic supplies like paper, pens or markers, and folders. Make sure you label the outside of the box as well, so that it’s easy to see what’s inside. This will help you keep track of your supplies, avoid a potential mess, and save time. It’s much easier to find a specific item if you don’t have to search through a bunch of boxes. Plus, you’ll avoid a potential headache from someone stealing your supplies!

Make Post-It Notes

Are you constantly forgetting to take notes? Keep your important reminders in sight with these handy post-it notes. Just print off several copies of the note, so you can have it in different places around your desk. Then, write the note on the post-its, and stick it on the wall, your computer, your calendar, your phone, your fridge, etc. If you have a frequent note-taker, this is a great way to keep them organized. Plus, you can use the post-its over and over again, so they’re basically like free paper!

Make Post-Its in Multiple Colors

If you need to jot down some important information, but don’t want to scribble it on a piece of paper or use your computer’s notepad program, you can use a post-it instead! To make one in multiple colors, just print out some copies of your note, and choose a different color for each one. Then, stick them all over your desk, or wherever you need to keep track of something. Make sure you don’t miss an important note, though – because then you’ll have to go through and un-stick everything!

Make Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a great way to get your point across, but they can get really messy really fast! Instead of using it as intended, try out a few of these genius ways to use lining tape, and you’ll get a lot more out of it. – Stick the top of your pen to the bottom of a sticky note. This will help you keep track of how much ink is left in your pen, and prevent you from having to buy more when you don’t need to! – Stick the sticky side of your note to the top of your calculator.

Label Bags and Bags for Storage

Sometimes you need to store things in a bag, but have no idea what to label it with. What better way to get organized than to label it? Whether it’s for work or for school, these bags are a great way to stay organized. If you need a bag for work, look for a bag with a sturdy closure. This will help keep your papers in order, and prevent them from getting dirty or damaged. You should also try choosing a neutral bag so that it’s easier to keep clean. You can also store supplies in a clear bag, if you want to avoid jumbling them up.

Make Tape Measure Labels

If you have lots of tools lying around your house, or office, but don’t know what they’re used for, this is a great way to label them. To make a tape measure label, just write the name of the tool next to the tape, and then you can use the tape to keep it together. It’s easy to do, and you can easily make more labels if you ever need more tape names! This is especially helpful if you have a toolbox in your house, garage, or office. It’s easy to forget what’s inside, and you don’t want to risk losing something important.

Make Office Staples

Whether it’s for your computer, pencils, or pens, there are several ways you can get more out of your supplies. If you’re using pencils, try using fewer pieces. This will allow you to fit more in your box, and it will be more helpful in the long run. If you’re using a pencil sharpener, try using a different size. This will allow you to fit more in your box, and it will be more helpful in the long run. If you’re using a pen, try using fewer pieces. This will allow you to fit more in your box, and it will be more helpful in the long run.