Top Accessories to Add To Your Music Stand

There are numerous add-ons that you can always attach to your music stand. While none of them is too critical to your music stand’s operation, they are not only convenient but also fun to use-and are, therefore, worth considering.

Music Stand Lights

These are must-have accessories for performances that are going to take place in dark rooms where you don’t have control of the lighting. Again, many orchestral performances, especially those for theater performances occur under the stage or where you it’s impossible to have bright lights shining out. These are some of the top situations where music stand lights come in handy.

Headphone Hangers

Depending on the instruments that you are going to play and where you are going to practice and perform, you might sometimes need to rock your headphones. However, there are times when you will feel like taking them off to sneak a few minutes. In such situations, if you are not lucky, you may find that somebody has stepped on them or kicked them across the room.  You can save yourself from all these stress by buying headphones hangers. They ensure that your headphones are not sitting on your chair, lap, or ground. Accordingly, you will know exactly where they are whenever you need them.

Music Stand Cup Holders

If you play a wind instrument, you are going to need this. For convenience, ensure that you clip them lower or in the middle (this ensures that you don’t move your body’s center of gravity too high).


There are several types of accessories or add-ons that you can find in the market today. It all boils down to how you want to organize your tools and make your experience more fun when you are sitting behind your music stand.