Reasons why you need a qualified metal etching company

The demand for electronic systems and devices is growing at an alarming rate. The electronics, aerospace, medical, industrial, automotive and RF microwave sectors are in need of components that are machined with precision and happens to be lightweight. These components act as a barrier from EMI and RFI emission. A metal ETCHING COMPANY can provide components that are ideal for RFI/EMI board level shielding along with printed circuit board microelectronic products that are found in space level modules, RF microwave, automotive wireless connected system, optoelectronics, medical device and interconnect. Below are some reasons why OEM need to look for a company that excels in metal etching.


If you are dealing with a qualified metal ETCHING COMPANY then you can be rest assured as you are getting different types of metal etching. You never know when you will be in need of what. Finding a qualified company would mean they can cater to all your needs. A well-known and well-loved company will be able to provide nickel silver etching, brass etching, copper etching, aluminium etching and bronze etching. The company can even provide molybdenum etching, silver photo chemical etching, stainless steel etching and photo etching as well.


The presence of burrs is another adverse effect of metal etching process. Wire EDM and laser cutting is known for leaving micro burrs on the surface of the metal. Besides, stamping is known for producing partial burring. A qualified ETCHING COMPANY will be able to provide burr-free end results. Any kind of burring in electronic systems can alter the performance of the component and increase the risk of malfunction. So, this can be avoided if you find a company that provides burr-free products. You do not have to pay extra for a secondary deburring operation with such a company.


High temperature is associated with different metal etching processes. Such high temperature can cause thermal stress such as deformities and metal weakness. By dropping conductivity and growing surface friction between two or more circuit board elements, thermal stress on the metals can alter the performance of the components. Thus, finding a company that can eliminate this problem is a must. A qualified ETCHING COMPANY uses chemical etching process to eliminate this problem. The company will use different techniques to ensure that there is no thermal stress on their product.


In prototyping stage, the ability to make modifications and test designs are considered as essential steps. A qualifiedcompany will be using photo chemical etching process. With low-cost digital tooling making part revisions is quite easy. Digital photo tooling is half the cost of hard standard tooling. So, you will be able to save a ton of money. In many cases, more than one electronic part design needs the same thickness and material. So, they can be arranged on the same tooling which is known as compound tooling. So, this is not only speed up the prototyping process, but also lower the cost of the process as well.

There you have it, these were some reasons why you need a qualified ETCHING COMPANY for your business. Thankfully, there are many online companies that can provide exactly what you are looking for. As there are so many companies, finding the perfect one for your need can become difficult. So, it will be best to search and research well before you consider a company. Do make sure that they are experienced and puts the need of their customer first.