Major Differences Between Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps And Traditional Units

Introductioncold climate air source heat pump

When it comes to heating, there are many methods that have become outdated. With these cold climate air source heat pump, you are paying an incredible amount of money without receiving the benefits. The biggest benefits that there are to receive rely on both the financial outcome and other miscellaneous factors. Some of the miscellaneous factors include safety, durability, and cosmetics. One type of modern heating that provides all of these benefits in the highest degree is air source pump heating. This new type of heating is incredibly different than older versions. Below is a list of the major differences between traditional units that use outdated means of heat production and the modern method of air source pump heating.

Differences Between Air Source Heat Pumps and Traditional Units

  • Heat Generation
  • Radiator Size
  • Costs

Heat Generation

The first difference lies in the way that air source pumps generate heat. They generate heat completely different than other methods because they do not use any sort of combustion. Methods such as natural gas in wood heating rely on combustion in order to deliver heat. Air source pump heating simply uses the heat from the outside air and funnels it into the house. This simple adaptation not only makes air source pumps more efficient, but it also makes them much safer.

Radiator Size

Due to the way that air source heat pumps generate heat, they do require a larger radiator. While this may sound like a drawback to some people, it is the large radiator that makes it possible for heat to be pumped from the outside to the inside without the need of combustion.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of these heat pumps is the fact that they cost significantly less. It cost significantly less because it does not require that something be combusted nor does it require any sort of chemical reaction.


If you are looking for the best way to heat your home then you need to take a strong look into air source heat pumps. These heat pumps are effective in both warm and cold climates. You will enjoy a plethora of benefits not possible with older traditional heating methods.