Heavy duty music stand

Rat stands are uniquely and stylishly designed to deliver the perfect performance to an artist using cutting edge materials and a unique feature that makes them perform better than other stands.

Rat stands’ uniqueness is driven solely by its simple philosophy which aims at creating the best possible music stands, lights and accessories. This has over the years resulted in simple and elegant materials that provide the ultimate support artists. Rat wooden stand is one of the most preferred music stand by musicians and music venues worldwide.

The wooden stand is a classic design, with a tray made of wood to complement the modern historic concert hall. With the various hall appearances today, the wooden tray has an advantage of having the ability of being stained to match the hall’s appearance if so wished.

The wooden tray has friction locks that lock in the tray at whatever angle the musician needs it at. To add to its height locking ability, the stand is fitted with a thumb screw that further locks in the desired height. In addition, since the wooden stand has no knobs to fiddle, the artists is assured of not having a stand that will slack over time.

The wooden rat stands are fitted with heavy gauge stem that proved a strong and rigid support. The stem is coated with a scratch resistant coat and it can easily be adjusted to the desired height where it will stay automatically.

At its base, it has tubular steel that helps in keeping it in place while keeping it firm and rigid. Because hall floors tend to be damaged by stands, the wooden rat stand has its legs fitted with rubber feet that is geared at preserving the floor while preventing clatter if the stand is knocked. In addition, so as to add its longevity, the based is coated with a black sleek nylon.

To add to its graceful elegance, the rat stand has a double lip with space for storing pencils and other small instruments. This lip has an added layer of rubber that protects the instruments while eliminating noise. Because proper storage leads to long life for stands, the rat wooden stand nests for compact storage hence guaranteeing its’ safety when storing while using very little space.

The ultimate advantage the rat wooden stand over other music stands is its ability to be customized as required by the client. Customization can include staining the tray to the desired color, adding logos at the back of the tray, customized tray sizes which are made of nylon coated steel rods.