Destratification Fans for Homes

We all know that hot air rises and cool air sinks to the bottom, but have you ever stopped to think how this affects the cooling and heating in your home? In the winter when you need rooms to be really warm you pump more and more heat into them without realizing that all the hot air that you are pumping in is actually rising to the top of the room. In fact, you will find that floors in upper level rooms are warm because of all the warm air that is trapped in the ceilings below them.
This movement of air currents means that the warmer you want a room to be the higher you have to crank up your AC. Eventually this will drive your heating costs through the roof. One way to combat this problem is with the use of destratification fans. These are fans that are designed to move around the room ensuring that cold air and hot air are mixed to uniformly heat any space. They are quite common in industrial settings where ceilings are rather high, but they can also be used in homes that have large rooms or high ceilings.
There are different destratification fans available – there are some that are designed to run on a continuous basis ensuring that all hot air is uniformly dispersed and there are others that operate on a thermostat system – they will come on when a certain temperature system is reached.
Knowing which kind of destratification fan is ideal for your home may not b easy, so it is recommended that you get the advice of an expert. They will look at your current heating system and also the way the rooms are built before they make a recommendation. You can find out more on