Choosing the Best SAT Tutoring in Los Angeles

One of the best ways to apply to any reputed US University, you can sit for the SAT exam. Although, there is another test that helps students to get in the US Universities; the ACT test. However, the popularity of ACT is a bit less comparatively. Students usually go for the SAT tests more.

Therefore, for those who are looking to apply to a renowned US university, this article is going to help a lot and will certainly help you choose the best SAT tutoring Los Angeles for themselves.

SAT tutoring

As mentioned before, the SAT is a standardized test that you can sit in to apply to US universities. There is also an alternative test called ACT, which is less popular comparatively. In the year 2016, SAT went through a few changes. Since then, the SAT test includes four sections, which are Language, Writing, Math (with and without a calculator), and Reading. There is an essay section as well, but it’s optional. Every section of the SAT test is MCQ (multiple choice questions), except for the optional essay section. Further, every section will feature at least a table or graph.

Although SAT tests do not have a strict time constraint, it is still advised to be mindful of the time!

What score is a good score?

A good score in SAT tests depends largely on the university. The top universities, like the Ivy Leagues, expect students with scores between 1410 and 1600. The maximum score is 1600.

However, US universities also focus on various other application factors as well, like extracurricular activities.

Therefore, a very high score on the SAT may not be enough to get into these universities. However, a good SAT score will definitely help and not every university expects a very high SAT score!

Takeaway points

Like mentioned earlier, the ACT test isn’t as popular as the SAT test because ACT tests are tighter on time comparatively. Therefore, the SAT is considered as the better of these two by most people.

However, as a good practice students should try taking both exams because there are students who can perform well under a strict time constraint. Nevertheless, it will be good practice.

Moreover, the majority of the US Universities do not prefer one test over the other. It is always a good idea to choose the one that you think will play out well for you.

Having said that, there’s just one last thing that students need for a better future – Believe in themselves!