3 Reasons To Order Fresh Turkey


When it comes to choosing meats very few people know which meats are the best to choose.  Cooking with meat is a staple of most  Americans diets and thus should be taken very seriously when it comes to the health risk. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of health risks associated eating certain types of meat. One such example is steak. Steak contains the huge amount of fat that solidifies on the walls of your arteries causing plaques that can lead to fatal circulation blockages. The same is very true with pork as it contains a high amount of saturated/solidified fat. Chicken is considered to be slightly healthier than steak, but it is nowhere near as healthy as Turkey.Free range turkey is healthier than steak, pork, ham, chicken,  and basically any meat you can think of. So if you do not like seafood and want to eat a healthy meat, turkey is unquestionably your best option.

Reasons to Order Fresh Turkey

  • Lean Meat With Little Fat
  • Great Flavor
  • Makes Many Dinner Combinations

Lean Meat With Little Fat

As implied earlier the biggest reason to order fresh turkey is because it has very little fat content and is a very lean cut of meat. Turkey doesn’t have anywhere near the artery clogging health risk that other types of meat tend to have.

Great Flavor

One thing that is so amazing about Turkey is that it is so healthy and at the same time so good tasting. There are few foods out there that can boast that they both taste good and are good for you. Turkey is one of those few foods because it has a flavor that goes with just about anything. This universal flavor makes Turkey a  great meet to go with anything.

Makes Many Dinner Combinations

Since Turkey goes with so many different dishes you can make an immense array of combinations around this type of meat.  One great example of this is how people make Thanksgiving dinners. It is amazing all of the different things that go with it including Christmas dinners and various other types of holiday dishes.