Top Ten Boarding Schools

If you can afford it, and if your child is smart enough to get into one of the top 10 boarding schools in the UK you should definitely get them enrolled. What are they and how much do they cost? You may also be curious to know what it takes for a child to get enrolled.
The best school is Cardiff Sixth Form College. It is a co-ed and costs £41,000 a year. Number two on the list is Concord College in Shrewsbury which costs £38,700 and is for both boys and girls. The third best school in the UK is Brighton College for which you will pay £41,700 for boys and girls a year. Next comes Ruthin School, also a co-educational, at a cost of £31,500. Oxford International College is considered the 5th best school in the UK but you would need to call them to find out how much it will cost you per child, per year – don’t expect it to cost less than £40,000 a year.
6th is Abbey College in Cambridge which charges £29,000 a year. City of London Freemen School is 7th on the list and costs £29,230 while Wellington College in Berkshire is 8th for a price of £38,220 annually. Ninth on the list is Caterham School while tenth is d’Overbroeck’s Oxford both of which cost £34,830 and £36,375 respectively.
Getting into these schools isn’t easy. Your child needs to be prepared for the intake interviews which cover a variety of subjects including maths, science, language and reasoning skills. You can hire a tutor to make sure that your child stands a chance – these schools are extremely competitive and have long waiting lists.
Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies doesn’t fall in this list but it provides excellent education. You can contact them through to find out what the entrance requirements are.