Thin Client Cost Savings

It has become essential to cut costs in your business and one of things that you are thinking of doing is adopting thin clients. A thin client is an IT term that refers to the work setup. An ordinary computer has memory, a processor and storage as well as a screen, a keyboard and mouse. All these are essential – you will not be able to undertake any processes without them. The problem is that they are costly – if you take the cost of setting up and running one station and multiply it by all the stations in your business you will be able to see just how much IT is holding up in assets.
Thin computing provides the bare minimum on the user’s end – they get a screen and a mouse and a keyboard but everything else sits on a remote server. This can cut the costs significantly for any business. Thin client cost savings have become rather popular these days. Cost cutting is not the only benefit that you get:
• Problems can be dealt with faster and more effectively – resolving a problem on a server is much easier than resolving issues on a number of workstations.
• It is easier for employees to share information and data, and you can see what everyone is doing at any time.
• You don’t have to worry so much about losing data – all you need to do is make sure that the server is backed up on a regular basis, rather than backing up many individual work stations.
• Low downtime means that your employees can get more done.
• Training is easier as all employees refer to the same database.
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