SAT Test Prep

You will be sitting your SAT’s this year and you want to get started on a high note – what kinds of strategies can you adopt to ensure that you are adequately prepared? This is a question that any conscientious student grapples with and although the answers are many and varied there are some study methods that seem to be more productive than others.
The first thing you ought to do is make an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. There are those subjects that you do well in without much effort and then there are those that seem mostly like Greek to you. Most of your time should be spent understanding the concepts in the subjects that you find hard to grasp. You should make a timetable that allows you to dedicate at least half of your study hours to these subjects.
Plowing through study material alone can be very challenging and even intimidating when you are preparing for an important exam like the SAT’s’. It is a god idea to enroll one or two buddies. The mistake that many students make when it comes to forming discussion groups is choosing pals who are have the same capabilities and strengths. While you should have one or two study friends who are at your level, it is important to include someone who isn’t – by teaching them and explaining concepts to them you become a master yourself – one of the easiest ways to remember a concept is to teach to another person. Don’t forget they will also be teaching you.
You should strongly consider hiring a tutor. If you are worried about the cost you should look for one who can come to you rather than the other way around – they tend to be cheaper. Try Klass Tutoring – they have been in the business of training students for SAT’s for many years and have a great track record. Find out more on