Sash windows

Painting Sash Windows the Right Way

Painting your sash windows will not only make them shine but will also go a long way in helping with your property’s on-going maintenance as it ensures that wood doesn’t breakdown or rot away. However, like any other home renovation project, you need to do the painting job the right way. Here are the top 3 factors that you need to keep in mind to have a quality finish on your wooden sash window:

Use an Oil-Based Primer

Oil-based primers are highly recommended because of their great adhesion properties. They also go on easily and sand down nicely. Prime the sash and lightly sand it with 220 grit sandpaper to smoothen its surface. While spraying on the primer is just fine, it is important to work on it with a brush as you spray. This will ensure a better bond between the primer and the wood.

Avoid Painting the Sides

The sides of your sash window should just be left bare-no paint and no primer. Generally, these areas are seldom exposed to weather elements, and cosmetically, there’s no reason to paint them.  Additionally, leaving the sides bare allow the stiles and the rails to expel moisture. The sides of the sash window are also meant to slide up and down; however, if painted (especially with emulsion paint), they tend to stick and become quite daunting to open and close.

Prepare the Wood before Painting

Strive to remove the old dry paint to allow the new one to adhere well. It is recommended to strip the old paint with chemicals or a blow torch. It is after the wood is rubbed down and cleaned that you should apply paint or primer.


Without painting your sash window, it won’t last. Nonetheless, the painting job should be done correctly to avoid endless problems when operating it.