Private Secondary Schools in Hertfordshire

Many parents, when choosing private schools in Hertfordshire, think about the obvious things – curriculum and boarding arrangements. They fail to consider many other little things which when put together can make a big difference to the school experience. You want your child to do more than learn – you want them to enjoy learning. Make sure that you look into the following details:

• What qualifications are teachers required to have? Do they have detailed bios posted online that can tell you their history? Have they been involved in scandals in other schools or even in the current school?

• What activities are available for students to participate in? Do they have to pay for each or is that included in the fee? Are optional lessons such as piano and dancing free or do you have to pay? Does the school plan trips and if yes, how much do they charge each student?

• How many children are there in the school and what is the average class size? Do students all get some one on one time with teachers? Do students who need extra help get it?

• Is the school loyal to any particular religion and do they discriminate against some others? What is the country of origin of most of the students? It would be great to take your child to a school where they are exposed to students from other cultures.

• Who supervises the children when they are not in class?

• What is the school policy when it comes to emergencies? At what stage will a parent be notified?

One school that has excellent policies on all these issues is St. Francis College in Hertfordshire. It is a girls’ school that enrolls children aged between 3 and 18. The school management is very keen to make sure that all children are well cared for.