Cambridge Fencing Services for Homes and Businesses

ML Partnership Landscaping specializes in fencing services for all residential and commercial establishments. With years of extensive experience, we have the tools and expertise to beautify all your gardens and lawns. We are also proud to service Cambridge, Suffolk, and Essex with a range of landscaping services and techniques. With free estimates and complimentary consultations, now is the right time to get the professional, durable, and affordable fencing solutions you deserve.

Fencing Services

With a team of highly-dedicated specialists, all fencing work is carefully monitored from start to finish. This includes precise and concise installations – along with helping clients select the right types of fencing in Cambridge to correlate with their existing landscapes and décor. No fencing job is ever too big or small, and we are fully certified and insured to handle all outdoor/indoor fencing and landscaping projects. As always, all fencing materials and components are of the highest quality. We also pride ourselves on delivering expert workmanship –with all worked backed and covered b a minimum 5- year guarantee. Whether for gardens, lawns, yards, fountains, pools, enclosures, or other areas in your property – we have the right fencing to meet all your needs within time and budget.

Fencing Types

ML Partnership features a wide array of fencing types for all homes and businesses. From bespoke picket and close-board to panel fences, we specialize in customized fences that are cost-affordable and designed to last. Simply let us know which fencing you need and we will achieve all your desired results. Our fencing products include but are not limited to:

Picket Fencing

We offer Round or pointed top varieties for your convenience. These units are built-on site or supplied as panels. Customers also have a choice of brown or green timber colors and grains.

Closeboard Fencing

Built on site to suit your needs and specifications. Also supplied as panels – all heights from 3’ and upwards. Choice of brown or green timber, along with concrete or wooden posts and gravel boards.

Equestrian Fencing

Posts and rails available in 2, 3, or 4 bars. ½ Round of Square rails available.

Stock Fencing

All types of rabbit wire available – including thick gauge galvanized wire mesh.

Metal Fencing

Palisade and Wrought iron available.

Panel Fencing

Close-Board, Picket, Secrecy, and Waneylap versions available with concrete or wooden posts.

For the best and most affordable fencing solutions in Cambridge and adjacent areas, simply visit our website or contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and free estimate:

Caravan generator

How To Choose The Best Caravan Generator
How to choose the best caravan generator? That’s a question that many people ask before they go and make such important investment. As you may know, if you plan to make any trip that should involve free camping stay you will need some power. Here the power generators come to help.
Some appliances in your caravan like air-conditioners, microwaves, hair dryers, washing machines, and so on need additional power in order to work.
There are several factors that you have to take in mind before you purchase a caravan generator. The most obvious ones are your budget, your power needs, the possible limitations in the camping area (if there are any), size preferences, brand preferences, etc.
Number one you have to know the wattage requirements of all the appliances you want to run off your new caravan generator. You have to make a list of all the essential appliances, and add some room for non-essentials too, because as you know you never know what you will have to plug in at some point.
Here is the tricky part, after you make the list you have to determine how much power is required to start each of them. Not how much is required to run them but to start them. You can find that information on the user manuals of the items or online. Now add up all the “running watts” to the highest “starting power” item and that will show how much energy you need to generate.
After that just look up which caravan generator can make that much power and which cannot and pick only from those that can. Then compare them to your budget and your other requirements. The best pick will come out.
If you don’t have a generator that can produce that amount of power, you won’t be able to run all appliances at once.
It is generally recommended to pick silent generators for caravans because camping sites may have restrictions. And you may not want the loud noise to disturb your rest. Plus it’s lighter and cheaper than the other options. Yet, again, anything you buy better fits you power needs first and everything else second.

Top 10 Boarding Schools In England – What They Offer


In order to get a good pre-college education these days, you need to forego on public schools. The best option for you to go with is a boarding school. Boarding schools for girls are not what they used to be. They have greatly improved conditions for students and changed a lot of things. Now, they offer the best and most enjoyable atmosphere available. At boarding schools, children get to be around like-minded individuals with the same goals and aspirations. This helps greatly when it comes to social influences and helping your child avoid falling in with the wrong crowd. Unfortunately, few people are aware of what exactly these schools offer. That is slowly changing though thanks to the incompetence of the public school system. More and more parents are sending their children to boarding schools and reaping tremendous results. To decide whether or not this is for your child, take a look below at what is offered at the top 10 boarding schools in England.

What Great Boarding Schools Offer

  • Evidence-Based Educational Approach
  • Access To High-Level Connections
  • Opportunity To Be Seen And Noticed

Evidence-Based Educational Approach

The most important thing offered at boarding schools is an access to evidence-based education. This means that they incorporate researched techniques for improving learning into their curriculum. This always leads to better results.

Access To High-Level Connections

There are a ton of famous and successful people connected to boarding schools. This is because boarding schools produce success stories and these people are more than willing to help those from their alma matter.

Opportunity To Be Seen And Noticed

There are a considerable amount of individuals who look to fill their needs through students from boarding schools. Therefore, boarding schools offer an opportunity to be seen and noticed by the best.


Major Differences Between Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps And Traditional Units

Introductioncold climate air source heat pump

When it comes to heating, there are many methods that have become outdated. With these cold climate air source heat pump, you are paying an incredible amount of money without receiving the benefits. The biggest benefits that there are to receive rely on both the financial outcome and other miscellaneous factors. Some of the miscellaneous factors include safety, durability, and cosmetics. One type of modern heating that provides all of these benefits in the highest degree is air source pump heating. This new type of heating is incredibly different than older versions. Below is a list of the major differences between traditional units that use outdated means of heat production and the modern method of air source pump heating.

Differences Between Air Source Heat Pumps and Traditional Units

  • Heat Generation
  • Radiator Size
  • Costs

Heat Generation

The first difference lies in the way that air source pumps generate heat. They generate heat completely different than other methods because they do not use any sort of combustion. Methods such as natural gas in wood heating rely on combustion in order to deliver heat. Air source pump heating simply uses the heat from the outside air and funnels it into the house. This simple adaptation not only makes air source pumps more efficient, but it also makes them much safer.

Radiator Size

Due to the way that air source heat pumps generate heat, they do require a larger radiator. While this may sound like a drawback to some people, it is the large radiator that makes it possible for heat to be pumped from the outside to the inside without the need of combustion.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of these heat pumps is the fact that they cost significantly less. It cost significantly less because it does not require that something be combusted nor does it require any sort of chemical reaction.


If you are looking for the best way to heat your home then you need to take a strong look into air source heat pumps. These heat pumps are effective in both warm and cold climates. You will enjoy a plethora of benefits not possible with older traditional heating methods.

Boarding Schools

Education is one of the most important things to consider when raising a child. No one wants their child to be left behind in terms of degree and reputation. A respected institution is an imperative if as a parent, you are concerned about establishing a bright future for your child. Nowadays, most parents would opt to send their children to boarding schools. They do these for a couple of reasons.
 Why Choose A UK Boarding Schools?
The boarding school by definition roots itself to the fact that every one of its students lives in its four walls for the rest of the year. Hence, one doesn’t need to worry about the place to rent in order to be near that school. This gives a lot of benefits to the student.
This is definitely one of the most important consideration when it comes to choosing the right school. All institutions of this type can give you assurance as it has established rules and norms that every student should follow. Hence, you are at peace your child is well guided.
In general, this is a very important factor in the sense that time-management is a must for students if they want to succeed. Having your child inside the four walls of an institution makes it easier for them as they don’t have to waste their traveling back and forth during class hours.
 Types of Boarding Schools
There are different types of schools to consider if you want your child to be boarding within the school itself. A famous example would be CCSS which could be found in the UK. Talk about a comfortable and secured living, they’ve got it all for you. It is important to note though that one institution varies from the other to a certain extent. Let’s take a look at some of them.
This type chooses no gender in particular. Co-ed schools have become a favorite choice, particularly in the West nowadays.
 All Boys/All Girls
As oppose to co-eds, this type is exclusive only to one gender.
 Military Schools
This type, in particular, imposes strict military-type of discipline to their students while preparing them for college life.
By the name itself, this type promotes a particular religion and has an emphasis on spiritual growth.
 These are just few of the choices you may consider. Do note that each school may vary from the other through their policies. You may check online for additional and comprehensive details for each type and some important information such as courses and fees.

Easy lactose free meals

People who cook know they must take multiple factors into account when they creating a menu of food. When planning a menu for any meal, some people may have special concerns. Some people cannot eat certain foods. The chef has to take this into account when creating a meal. Planning a doorstep milk delivery can take time and effort. Fortunately, even for those who have serious issues with specific food items, it is possible to create a delicious meal without the use of such potentially dangerous foodstuffs. This is particularly true for those who have a problem with a substance known as lactose. Lactose is a form of milk protein that can be hard for some people to digest. Some people have this problem as they grow older while others may have it even as young children. The solution is to find food items that the person can eat. Subsitutes are widely available today, making it easier than before to plan and create a meal that even those who are lactose intolerant can eat without a problem. A good cook can reach for items they know will be useful in cooking and lead to great meals.

Easy Lactose Free Meals

Planning a lactose free meal becomes easier with the help of lactose free items. Working with a company that supplies such items allows the cook to plan out a menu that everyone will love. A lactose free substitute can be found for anything the person has in mind from milk to cheese. Any menu planner should keep in mind the range of products available and not be afraid to use the products they find. Cheese substitutes or those made without this ingredient can be suprisingly delicious. A casserole made from lactose free menu items will taste just as good. The same is true of using the ingredients as a supporting player for the rest of the dish. Using items like this one in a pastry or pudding works just as well as well as using standard kinds of products that contain lactose. The choices that are available make lactose free meals easier than ever today.

Order turkey

Holding a party is a great way to welcome friends and family into any space. A party will typically include a nice meal that everyone enjoys eating. One of the most popular of all party items today is turkey. Turkey makes an ideal protein to serve to a large crowd of people. Turkey is low fat, easy to prepare and works with many different side dishes. A roast turkey can serve as the centerpiece of any meal. Roast turkey is easy to carve into small pieces and then offer to guests with side dishes like mashed potatoes and gravy. Cooking a turkey is also very easy. Turkey can be simply prepared over a few hours and then brought to the table. Once there, the turkey can easily serve a large crowd, allowing people to pick out slices and have a portion of the main course. Buy turkey is also a very satisfying protein that will help fill even the largest of appetites.

Ordering a Fresh Turkey

While turkeys are available in many places, many people find it ideal to order a fresh turkey from a grower. Ordering a fresh turkey has many advantages. The fresh turkey is typically kept on a farm where close attention is paid to the growing bird. Ordering turkey means working with a farmer who cares about the finished product. Each turkey for sale is one that is carefully supervised at every turn. Turkey growers raise birds they know are going to yield delicious meat that is raised in a natural setting. All the birds here are birds that are raised under carefully controlled circumstances rather than in big factories where the emphasis is on growth at all costs rather than raising a tasty product. A turkey purchased from a local farmer is a turkey that has been raised in accordance with time tested standards that growers know will result in a turkey that is going to be full of meat that is juicy and wholly natural. The buyer can purchase an item they know will be far superior to the birds they find in their local supermarkets.

3 Reasons To Order Fresh Turkey


When it comes to choosing meats very few people know which meats are the best to choose.  Cooking with meat is a staple of most  Americans diets and thus should be taken very seriously when it comes to the health risk. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of health risks associated eating certain types of meat. One such example is steak. Steak contains the huge amount of fat that solidifies on the walls of your arteries causing plaques that can lead to fatal circulation blockages. The same is very true with pork as it contains a high amount of saturated/solidified fat. Chicken is considered to be slightly healthier than steak, but it is nowhere near as healthy as Turkey.Free range turkey is healthier than steak, pork, ham, chicken,  and basically any meat you can think of. So if you do not like seafood and want to eat a healthy meat, turkey is unquestionably your best option.

Reasons to Order Fresh Turkey

  • Lean Meat With Little Fat
  • Great Flavor
  • Makes Many Dinner Combinations

Lean Meat With Little Fat

As implied earlier the biggest reason to order fresh turkey is because it has very little fat content and is a very lean cut of meat. Turkey doesn’t have anywhere near the artery clogging health risk that other types of meat tend to have.

Great Flavor

One thing that is so amazing about Turkey is that it is so healthy and at the same time so good tasting. There are few foods out there that can boast that they both taste good and are good for you. Turkey is one of those few foods because it has a flavor that goes with just about anything. This universal flavor makes Turkey a  great meet to go with anything.

Makes Many Dinner Combinations

Since Turkey goes with so many different dishes you can make an immense array of combinations around this type of meat.  One great example of this is how people make Thanksgiving dinners. It is amazing all of the different things that go with it including Christmas dinners and various other types of holiday dishes.


Frameless glass shower

If you are looking for ideas for remodelling the bathrooms in your Cambridge home one way to go is frameless glass showers. Many people have doubts about these showers because they imagine that they won’t last a long time – after all, how long will it be before the glass breaks? The opposite is in fact true. These showers are made out of tempered glass or toughened glass which means that they do not break very easily. Your frameless glass shower will last for many years. There are several benefits to having this kind of shower:
• The whole point of redecorating your bathroom is to make it look more modern and there is no better way to do this than with a glass shower cubicle. In fact, because they have no frame they are even more attractive.
• These showers allow light all over the room – there is nothing blocking your line of sight. They are the perfect way to make small bathrooms look bigger. Also, the glass makes the room look like it has more natural light.
• These showers are easier to clean than any other kind of shower. In the past there was aluminium-framed option but this was tougher to clean because over time filth and gunk accumulated between the glass and the frame. You will also feel compelled to clean glass more often because the streaks show very clearly thus making for a cleaner bathroom. Also, since you can see where the streaks are you don’t have to clean the whole shower – just wipe the streaks and you’re done.
• These showers need very little maintenance if any. In some cases you may have to oil the doors to make sure that they open smoothly but you could go for months without the need to do this.
• You don’t have to worry about replacing shower curtains as you would with an ordinary shower.
One of the best places to buy frameless glass showers in Cambridge is Go Glass. They have many different ones that you can choose from but they can also customize your showers to look just like you want. You can find out more on

Glass Companies in Cambridge

Criteria for Finding the Best Glass Companies in Cambridge

Many structures today are built using glass. Windows, sliding doors, and glass partition walls indeed look great when they are made of glass. Glass is durable too, they are made to last a long time, or even longer than expected when properly maintained. To make sure that the glass you will use for your home or office will meet your specific needs, you need to carefully select the manufacturer you will buy it from.  Here are a few things to look for in glass companies in Cambridge.

  • Experience. Experience matters a lot. In most cases, you can better trust a glass company that has been in operation for many years. Experience tells the level of expertise a company has in terms of the products it provides, the number of customers that it brought satisfaction to, and even the quality of the goods it offers.
  • Design. Look for a glass company that offers a wide array of designs for their products. You do not have to get content at very limited choices. The best glass companies in Cambridge should understand how important it is for customers to find the designs that really suit their taste. It can also be a good idea if a glass company is able to customize designs for the customers.
  • Cost-effective solution.  Other than choices in terms of design, customers should also be offered cost-effective alternatives. The best glass companies in Cambridge are those that do not only think about making profits, but also finding solutions that can help their customers save more. A dream home or office need not be hard on the pocket with glass companies that really care about their customers.
  • Quality. Glass companies should not compromise quality for price.  Glass that is guaranteed to last for many decades is often worth its cost. It can be easy for customers to get enticed by companies that promises the best pricing. Customers, on the other hand, should find glass companies that assure not just affordability but also durability.

Not all glass companies in Cambridge are the same. The companies to look for are those that can offer quality at a reasonable price. Other traits that must be present include expertise, which is usually reflected by the years of experience they have, and concern for customers, which is demonstrated when a glass company strives to offer customers solutions that will suit their budget well.