How to Get a Hearing Test for a Child

You have noticed that your child is struggling with their hearing and you want to have them tested – where do you start? It is important for all parents of young children to be vigilant when it comes to hearing. Many children start to become deaf when they are relatively young and if the condition is not diagnosed on time it will only get worse. If you want to get your child tested here is what you ought to do:
• Start by visiting your paediatrician for an interim diagnosis. He or she will perform the most basic tests to establish whether indeed your child is losing her hearing. They may point to a particular cause and recommend a few things you can do in the home that you can do to reverse the problem and help your child to cope.
• You will need a more in-depth diagnosis and for that you have to see an audiologist. You can choose to see one in the NHS but keep in mind that this process has hurdles. Not only will you have to wait a long time for your child to get the tests that they need, the doctor may not spend as much time with you as you would like.
• Your other option is to see a private audiologist. For this you will have to pay direct so look into whether your insurance covers such treatments. The audiologist will carry out a series of tests that will help determine the extent of the hearing loss and then they will issue the right hearing aids. They will also talk to you after different ways that everyone in the family can help your young one cope.
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