fabric protector spray

Why You Need a Fabric Protector Spray

Fabric protector spray is a solvent used to repel oil, water, and soil off clothes and other fabrics. Most fabric protector sprays come in ready-to-use bottles tiny enough to fit in a backpack. In addition, they do not have a pungent smell thus are ideal for use outdoors and indoors.

When going out for a jog, walk, or running errands, our garments are prone to damage from natural elements. Rain water makes sweaters shrink or lose their shape with repeated soaking. White garments get soil or oil smudges, and it becomes hectic scrubbing the stain away.

A fabric protector spray adds a protective layer on garments like cotton, nylon, wool, leather, and polyester. It can also be used on any synthetic fabric like faux leather on coats and pants. The chemicals used in making the fabric spray are non-toxic, and will not leave a stain or a nauseating smell behind. This makes the fabric protecting sprays fit for use even when indoors.

For those who love outdoor adventures, a fabric protector spray is recommended for tent protection. The added protective layer repels soil, grass stains, or rain water from soaking the tent. Some fabric protecting sprays also serve as seam sealers for tents and any outdoor water proof garment like raincoats, windbreakers, and fleece jackets.

Fabric protector spray can be bought in several quantities. The smallest is the 50ml sample that fits a jacket pocket. This is used for two sprays on light garments or one spray on heavy fabric like a jacket. Then there are 250ml spray bottles that can be used on clothes and also outdoor equipment like tents. For large scale use, fabric protector sprays can be bought in 5L and 25L jerry cans.


A fabric protector spray is a recommended solution for repelling water, soil marks, oil smudges, or grass stains. It is made from non-toxic solvents that leave fabrics clean and contains no foul odor.