Cottages on Norfolk Coast

Wondering whether you should take a cottage holiday in Norfolk this year? Before you make up your mind why not consider the following benefits:
•    Norfolk cottage holidays offer you all the privacy you would want on holiday. They are the perfect way for you to spend some quiet time with your family and catch up with what everyone has been up to. You can pamper yourselves with lots of fun activities without worrying about crowds.
•    One reason why so many people are choosing Norfolk cottages for holiday is that they offer more freedom than you would get in a hotel. If you stay in a hotel you have set times for meals – if you don’t turn up for breakfast, lunch or supper at a certain time you are forced to find alternatives. This will not happen if you choose a cottage you get to prepare your own meals which means you can eat whatever time you want.
•    A cottage holiday is the perfect way to spend time with your extended family without breaking the bank. Some of these cottages are large with several bedrooms which means that you can bring along grandparents, aunts and uncles. If you can get everyone to pitch in for accommodation your holiday will be even cheaper. Find out whether you are allowed to bring pets – some of them allow you to bring at least one.
•    Ever felt cramped in a hotel room? You will not have to endure that in a Norfolk holiday cottage because they are spacious. They are designed in true English style – they are warm and cosy but there is plenty of room for everyone to relax.
Wheatacre Hall Barns has some of the best cottages in the area. They come highly rated and you can find out why on their website,