Classical Music Marketing

As a talented classical musician who has decided to sell your music to the wider world you may wondering where to start. You may be daunted by the fact that classical music is no longer as popular as it used to be. You shouldn’t be; classical music is still alive and well and has a big fan base and so long as you can locate it and use the right marketing strategies you will be able to become a household name – at least in some households. The good news is that you already know your niche – many musicians fail because they try to go to market before they have identified who their fans are. All that is left is to find a PR a company that is adept at marketing classical music.

You will find that a lot of music PR firms claim that they can help sell classical music. Do not take their word for it. Just because a company can sell other types of music successfully doesn’t mean that they will be any good at marketing classical music. You need to be looking for a PR company that has successfully helped classical musicians in the past. Find out, for example, how many classical musicians they have worked with in the past and how many of those are now successful artists.

As you talk to PR companies it is important to find out what kinds of strategies they will use to help you sell your music. There are many strategies that can be adopted, and while some of them are successful some are not. Once you know what they plan to do you can do some research to find out how successful these strategies are likely to be, and if they are not you can ask them to make changes.

It is also important to agree on how both parties will measure success. For example, what kind of marketing cycles will they use, and at the end of each what kind of benchmarks should you be looking at? Also, if you are not happy with their progress what can you do? Be careful about contracts that tie you in whether or not a campaign is successful.

One company that has been very successful in classical music PR is Quite Great. Based in the UK they have worked with classical musicians in the past to bring their music to their fans.