Caravan generator

How To Choose The Best Caravan Generator
How to choose the best caravan generator? That’s a question that many people ask before they go and make such important investment. As you may know, if you plan to make any trip that should involve free camping stay you will need some power. Here the power generators come to help.
Some appliances in your caravan like air-conditioners, microwaves, hair dryers, washing machines, and so on need additional power in order to work.
There are several factors that you have to take in mind before you purchase a caravan generator. The most obvious ones are your budget, your power needs, the possible limitations in the camping area (if there are any), size preferences, brand preferences, etc.
Number one you have to know the wattage requirements of all the appliances you want to run off your new caravan generator. You have to make a list of all the essential appliances, and add some room for non-essentials too, because as you know you never know what you will have to plug in at some point.
Here is the tricky part, after you make the list you have to determine how much power is required to start each of them. Not how much is required to run them but to start them. You can find that information on the user manuals of the items or online. Now add up all the “running watts” to the highest “starting power” item and that will show how much energy you need to generate.
After that just look up which caravan generator can make that much power and which cannot and pick only from those that can. Then compare them to your budget and your other requirements. The best pick will come out.
If you don’t have a generator that can produce that amount of power, you won’t be able to run all appliances at once.
It is generally recommended to pick silent generators for caravans because camping sites may have restrictions. And you may not want the loud noise to disturb your rest. Plus it’s lighter and cheaper than the other options. Yet, again, anything you buy better fits you power needs first and everything else second.