Boarding Schools and New Locations

Young adults often have a difficult time deciding where they want to live when they get older. A lot of people will end up going to college in a particular city and staying there. Some people will end up going to boarding school in a particular city and ultimately settling in that city. Those are both great options.
It makes sense for people to live in a number of different cities throughout their early lives. They should get a sense of which areas they like. Going to boarding school will make that somewhat easier for young people, since they will at least have some experience living in one additional place at an early age.
Younger people often have a difficult time with frequent moves, so that isn’t the ideal way to introduce them to a wide range of different locations. However, kids will usually do some traveling while they’re at boarding school. They will also meet a lot of students from a number of different backgrounds, at least at many boarding schools. This will make students feel less sheltered than they would be otherwise, and they will genuinely be less sheltered.
Teenagers are almost all going to be at least somewhat sheltered, since they just don’t have much life experience. However, there are ways to quickly give them a larger amount of life experience. Living in a new place can make that a lot easier. However, going to boarding school is not the same thing as moving, even if it has some of the same effects. After all, kids will still be able to go back to their childhood homes on holidays. Their childhood homes haven’t changed. They are just living apart from those childhood homes. They’ll have the experience of living in a new location without truly moving or taking the associated emotional risks.