Bathroom laminate flooring

Your bathroom may not need a complete makeover, but you know for certain something has to change. A new set of towel won’t be enough. An affordable and quick transition of your bathroom look is what you need. Laminate flooring is the answer to all your troubles. It is ideally suited for long-term durability and gives room for innovativeness in its designs.

With laminate flooring options, decorations are in a league of their own. You get a wide array of dramatic visuals, and vibrant colors you never thought were possible on your bathroom floor.

The wood-look laminates shouldn’t mean real wood on your floor. There is quite a variety to choose. Ranging from classic wood species with open grain patterns to pine which has a light color that brightens the room and gives an illusion of a bigger space. These are just some of the examples. Not forgetting the oak laminate which is quite popular with bathroom decoration enthusiasts

Natural stone looks are also a way to go. They similarly have a variety designs. The weathered way design gives your bathroom floor a weathered elegance impression with random blocks and tumbled stone. The stone creek pattern, on the other hand, creates a soothing environment impression, most sought out by bathroom spa developers.

Considerations when choosing laminate flooring

I will go through a few factors to keep in mind before making up your mind.


A flooring pattern that fits your budget is the most ideal. You may be astonished at how expensive some patterns are but provided they are durable and can serve the same purpose, by all means, get them


There are a variety of classes in floor laminates as well. A higher grade laminate means a more durability and warranty. It is vital to settle on the best quality laminate flooring for longer use and elegance of your bathroom


Look for a thicker laminate. Doesn’t mean less thick are not durable enough. Materials used to make the laminate do matter a lot when it comes to durability. To be on the safe side, settle on a thick laminate

·Level of use

It mayseem quite unbelievable but true. Depending on your bathroom traffic, a higher quality laminate is necessary. Especially for big families

Laminate flooring can change the entire look on your floor and boost your moods. Choosing to laminate can be the best decision you will make regarding your bathroom. Apart from the discussed flooring types, there are other customizable patterns and themes to add to your bathroom floor. Your bathroom will never be the same again